Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pain Free Beauty!

Beauty is pain... Not with this tool! Eyebrow shapers are a great way to shape your eyebrows and get rid of those hairs on your neck, arms, face, and bikini area. There are three in a package, in pink, blue, and green. The brand is Personna and it runs for about three dollars. What a bargain, considering these tools last a while! Plus, who wants to be hairy? When I tried these on my eyebrows and face, it was practically pain free. I removed the little hairs above my lip and on my face. The tool was easy to use and the blade was small, so it was easy to maneuver. The shapers are sold at Walgreen's. Good luck and happy shaping!

The picture is a bit old. They have a differnet design and colors for their blades now!


xoxoTori said...

I'm going to buy these the next time I got shopping! I HATE tweezing my eyebrows it takes a long time! Great tip!

Livy said...

Thank you. I am sure these will help!

Anonymous said...

So funny that blogged about these because I was just thinking the other day about how much I love mine!

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