Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fool's Gold

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing the movie, Fool's Gold. It was really cute and entertaining. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey acted great in the movie and they make a cute duo. Overall, the movie was clever and funny and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the price to get in the door was outrageous! I spent seven dollars on a ticket, five on a Coke, five on nachos, and three on some Raisinettes. Hey, I eat a lot when I see a movie! So, the question is, how can I save money when I go to see a movie? I don't want to cut back on the amount of food I eat. Munching is the key to any movie, and franky, I can't afford to spend 13 dollars on food every time I see a movie. So, here are a few recipes that are easy, sneaky, and somewhat healthy!

  • I loved eating raisins dipped in chocolate last night. Why not strawberries? This recipe is quick and easy. All you need is chocolate chips, cream, and strawberries. Mix and dip! Mmm...

  • Grapes! Pop them in your mouth one after the other. Mix different flavors up like green and purple. Put them in a little baggy and you are set.

  • Mixed nuts is one of my favorite snacks. The brand, Emerald, makes little baggies of mixed nuts that are of high quality and really filling. The bag is not filled with a bunch of unhealthy peanuts, but with walnuts, cashews, almonds, and brazilian nuts. Crunchy!

Stuff these delicious snacks in your purse and check out Fool's Gold if you are interested in a light hearted laugh. Wow! This movie and these snacks, I think you just hit the jackpot!


xoxoTori said...

Yummy! This sounds so good! Haha I sneak stuff to when I go to a movie! Also you could buy the loyalty cups and its only a dollar refill so the cup basically pays for itself.

Livy said...

Thanks! That is a great tip!

Jen Hill said...

I love fruit dipped in chocolate and my kids have been begging for me to make a chocolate fondue for them.

Great suggestions and great blog; you are awesome!