Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rusk Deep Shine Lusterizer

When my hair is frizzy or looks a little dry, I like to use a product that keeps my hair smooth and healthy looking. The Rusk Deep Shine lusterizer helps my hair achieve just that. It definitely is not a miracle worker, but it makes my hair look shinier and smoother. The product has a nice scent that isn't overwhelming like some products. When your hair is dry, dab a small amount of the cream into your hands and apply it to the ends of your hair. I don't recommend this to people with oily hair, but it makes dry hair look healthier. You can purchase this product at salons for around $12. ;) Enjoy!!

Quick Update

Hello everyone! Please forgive me for the lack of posts recently :(
I have been sick... and extremely busy...
My birthday was yesterday and that was fun! Spring Break was last week and I worked so hard. Ha ha I need to make some money! Also, my mother is opening a spa soon and I am so excited for that. It will be amazing to be able to do a bunch of reviews on some new products. I started using a mineral makeup that the spa will be carrying and I love it! I will definitely have a review on that soon. Jane Iredale mineral makeup...
New posts will be coming soon! :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cartilage Piercing

Hello! Now I know that piercings are not for everyone, especially in your cartilage. I am in high school so they are pretty common and most girls like them. I think it looks really cute! I pierced my cartilage myself, and yes there are two holes. I recommend going to a professional if you don't know what you are doing. I bought a piercing kit at Walmart for around $10.. it really depends on the earring you get. Please please do not get a regular earring and try to pierce your ear! There is a certain type of earring called a stud post, which is a stud earring with a sharp end used for piercing. When you buy the kit, they will pierce your ear for free..but you have to be 18. Obviously I am not 18 so I purchased the kit and did it myself (I got away with buying it even though I'm not old enough.) If you decide to get your cartilage pierced, keep it clean and twist the earring a lot.

Is there pain? Yes and no. The actual piercing part is not painful, even though you might think so. It is like someone pinched your ear so don't be afraid! Now the next two weeks will be painful. Your ear will be super sore, but trust me.. you can handle it. The pain doesn't last forever!

And for the record.. I am not telling people they should go out and pierce their cartilage. I just want to shed some light on what happened with me. Personally, I think it looks great and I love mine! If you want it your cartilage pierced, I hope this helped :) If not, at least you are informed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Favorite Youtube Channels

Couldn't Live Without Youtube!

Like a lot of people, I am a huge fan of Youtube. I have been watching makeup tutorials and beauty reviews on Youtube, so I want to share a few of my favorite channels!
  • Moonbeamstarlight Ling is so laid back and she keeps it very fun.. I love the way she describes products, too!

  • Vanity Makeup Nicole does really interesting reviews and tutorials, and her Australian accent is fun to listen to! Check out her blog here.

  • The Current Custom Lorraine has the most hauls out of everyone I have seen! She always shows a ton of new products, and her latest contest is really cool. I want to win!

I am a subscriber to so many more channels, but these are just a few of my faves! Also, there is a new show on Fox called Dollhouse (picture above.) It is a really different type of show and I love it! You can watch it for free here. There are about 3 episodes so far, but it comes on every Friday at 9 pm/8 pm central. Another show I just started watching is Lie To Me on Fox. I swear I am getting better at telling when someone is lying to me! When I was reading my friend Tori's blog, she mentioned the coolest site. Blackle. It is a search engine by Google, but it saves energy. Check it out and for more tips, look at Tori's blog here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Clinique 3 Step System

Hello! I think that your skin and hair are some of the most important things to maintain. Let's save hair for another day, because I want to talk about skincare. There are people who splash water on their face and that is their idea of "washing" it. No no no.. I began using the Clinique skincare system Christmas day to be exact. My skin has literally become so much smoother and healthier looking. It used to look washed out and dry, but now it has a glow to it. I have really dry skin and I am not prone to breakouts so I use Type II. I am supposed to be Type I, but the saleswoman said if I want extra exfoliation then I should try Type II. There is a quiz that you can take to find out your skin type here. So for about $53 you can buy the 3 step skincare package that includes liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizing lotion, a lotion pump, and a clear Clinque bag to hold everything. All products are 100% fragrance free.

Step 1: Liquid facial soap 6.7 fl.oz.
It makes your skin feel really smooth and clean.
Step 2: Clarifying lotion 16.5 fl.oz.
This is not actually a lotion. It is a liquid and the 3 step set comes with a pump to screw on the bottle. When you use all of the lotion, keep the pump to put on your next bottle. This lotion has a strong smell like rubbing alcohol. To use this product, pump the liquid on a cotton ball and rub on your face. It might burn a little and I thought I was allergic to it, but this is completely normal!
Step 3: Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. 4.2 fl.oz.
This hydrates my skin so well! I love this because my skin feels so smooth. A little of this lotion goes a long way.

I really recommend this for your skin. I have dry skin, so these products fit my needs. If you have oily skin there are products for you, too. I am not even halfway finished with my products so they last a long time. You may be hesitant to buy the whole set at first, so try the sample sized products. Here is a link to read about each step. The bag that came with it is great. When I bought the 3 step products, I received a free silver tote. They probably don't have that anymore, but go to your local Clinique store and check out their freebies!