Monday, February 25, 2008

An Enjoyable Listen

Sometimes, you need a break from the hip-hop and rock music that is playing on the radio. Something that is easy to listen to and actually has meaningful lyrics. I bought the CD Coco by Colbie Callait. You have heard of her! Does the song Bubbly ring any bells? If you like the song or not, I am sure you will adore her CD. I was not really fond of the song Bubbly, but there are some great songs on her album. If you prefer to buy a few songs rather that the whole album, I suggest Oxygen, One Fine Wire, Feelings Show, Midnight Bottle, and Tailor Made. These are songs that are upbeat and you can sing to or relax with. That is the perfect combination. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I have!


xoxoTori said...

I love her music! I think I'm going to get this CD! Her songs kinda remind me of the beach!

Livy said...

They do have such a great feel to them!