Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cliniue Workshops

Clinique is doing a variety of workshops where they are giving away samples of their products. I stopped by today and the sales lady gave me an early deal of the Attracted to Colour workshop, which starts tomorrow at my mall. She gave me a free sample of Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Almond Blossom and some of their makeup remover. Click here and check out the workshops, and be sure to look at date and times of workshops near you!

Reviews of these two products coming soon!

Back to Blogging

Wow! Has it really been almost two weeks since I have updated? School is ending and summer is coming. I can't wait to start boating and tubing at the lake, and go on my trips this summer! I started a new blog to showcase my summer trips, even though I can barely keep up with this one. :)

Well, I have missed blogging and I am glad to be back!

I will be sure to update Fresh Ideas For You at least twice a week. Thanks for all of the support!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Suave Bodywash

Its time to take a deeeep breath and feel very alluring... in the shower! With Suave Exhale Alluring rich moisturizing body wash, you can feel just that. It makes you smell great with cinnamon and sandalwood notes. The bodywash has a sweet scent and a musky feel to it. The price? A little over three dollars, which is a steal for 12 ounces of a good bodywash. Enjoy!