Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Classic Snack

Do you know what tonight is?, fun, and of course, food. Well, I guess that would qualify to be the Super Bowl, which happens to be one of the biggest nights of the year! Whether you are a Patriots or Giants fan, everyone can come together with food. The Super Bowl is stressful enough just by watching, but to cook, clean, and have a chance to root for your team, that's hard. To ease the load on the things to do, go with simple, yummy snacks. My pick would have to be the classic dish. Dip! Now, you could go the regular route and have tortilla chips and salsa, but my favorite would have to be Fiesta Ranch with carrots. Yum! In fact, I first had some when I went to watch the New Orleans Saints practice. Yes, I am from the South! The dip is easy to prepare and buy some already sliced carrots. Simple and truly delicious!

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