Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Orange the New Bronze?

I recently tested Loreal's Sublime Bronze self tanning spray. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed. As soon as I began spraying, the cap broke off. I had to tape it back on and it was difficult to spray an even amount. The product's claim was that it would dry quickly and leave no greasy residue. That was not the case. The product took hours to dry and get rid of the greasy residue. The spray got all over my bathroom floor and was very slippery, so put a towel on the floor befor applying. The tan did develop after an hour, and I was impressed. Due to artificial lighting in my bathroom, it was difficult to tell which spots I missed. I suggest applying it during the day, so you can use natural light and see the true color of your tan. Because of the cold weather, I wore stockings the next day. I did not know I was tan enough and I applied another application that night. Again, the artificial lighting blinded me from seeing the spots I missed. This part is rather funny. I walked outside the next morning, and I was orange with a white streak up my leg! Not to mention, my feet and hands were horrible looking. Orange and blotchy! So, my tips for spray tanning are to use natural lighting, one application is enough until it starts to fade, and scrub your hands after applying. Also, do not spray your feet. Spray a little on your hands, and rub it in. For those awful streaks, Loreal has some wipes. Best of luck when spray tanning! I am going to test a few more self tanning products soon, because I am not happy with this one.


cindy said...

I've never tried any tanning products in my life - I'm already quite tan myself. But I would love to try one someday.. just for the fun of it. :D

Livy said...

Yeah, it was fun at first. Getting rid of the orange...not so fun!