Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cartilage Piercing

Hello! Now I know that piercings are not for everyone, especially in your cartilage. I am in high school so they are pretty common and most girls like them. I think it looks really cute! I pierced my cartilage myself, and yes there are two holes. I recommend going to a professional if you don't know what you are doing. I bought a piercing kit at Walmart for around $10.. it really depends on the earring you get. Please please do not get a regular earring and try to pierce your ear! There is a certain type of earring called a stud post, which is a stud earring with a sharp end used for piercing. When you buy the kit, they will pierce your ear for free..but you have to be 18. Obviously I am not 18 so I purchased the kit and did it myself (I got away with buying it even though I'm not old enough.) If you decide to get your cartilage pierced, keep it clean and twist the earring a lot.

Is there pain? Yes and no. The actual piercing part is not painful, even though you might think so. It is like someone pinched your ear so don't be afraid! Now the next two weeks will be painful. Your ear will be super sore, but trust me.. you can handle it. The pain doesn't last forever!

And for the record.. I am not telling people they should go out and pierce their cartilage. I just want to shed some light on what happened with me. Personally, I think it looks great and I love mine! If you want it your cartilage pierced, I hope this helped :) If not, at least you are informed!


april said...

OmG..!!Love it!!!...I jus did mine...but not because u did...i jus wanted to get it ova wit...i did the exact same thing u did...except i got 1 hole..haha..Love,,April H.

Anonymous said...

hey, where can you buy the cartilage piercing kits/guns ? i really want mine doing xx