Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tips For Shiny Hair

Here are some really helpful tips to get your hair looking fabulous!

  • Use shampoo with natural oils and extracts from olives, almonds, or avocados such as Neutrogena Triple Moisture Creme Lather Shampoo.

  • Put shampoo just on the roots of your hair and as you rinse it out, let the suds run down the ends.

  • Let your conditioner sit on your hair for a good 5 minutes so it will penetrate for maximum shine.

  • Before applying conditioner, squeeze any excess water from your hair so it doesn't dilute the ingredients.

  • Before using any hot tool on your hair, apply a silicone-based shine serum to wet hair. The heat activates the silicones so they coat and smooth each strand.

  • Sleep on a silk or a satin pillowcase. Cotton ones soak up the moisture from your hair, making it look dry.

Here is a great recipe that will remove buildup from your hair, making strands ultra-shiny. Put equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. After shamppoing your hair, spritz the mixture all over and let sit for 5 minutes. Then shampoo once more to get rid of the vinegar smell. Voila! Shiny hair!

I found these tips in Seventeen magazine.


Lady T said...

Cool blog Livy!!! Trust me I will be checking out these tips for shiny hair. Lord knows I will try anything to add some moisture and shine to these locks.

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Livy said...

Thanks so much Lady T! These tips have helped my hair a lot!