Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yoga Breath and Pose

I have recently started attending yoga classes, and I really love it! Yoga makes me feel very relaxed, and I am able to clear my head of all the problems surrounding me. I know that a lot of people have no time to go to a yoga class, so I will just tell you about the yoga breath and the mountain pose.

The Complete Breath: It allows you to breathe in so much more oxygen that a normal, shallow breath from your chest.

  • While sitting, relax completely on an exhale. Inhale, let your abdomen push out and begin to fill.
  • As your abdomen fills with air, expand your ribs and back, and fill your middle with air.
  • Still inhaling, fill your upper chest area.
  • To exhale, suck in your abdomen and let out that air, then the air in your middle, and then your upper chest.
  • So you are exhaling in the same pattern that you inhale: lower, middle, upper.
  • Practice this breath to the following count: Inhale to a count of 6; retain the breath for a count of 3; exhale to a count of 6. Practice for about 5-10 minutes.
Remember: When you inhale, push out your abdomen like your are filling up a balloon with air. Exhaling, pull in your abdomen, like a balloon deflating.

Samasthiti (Mountain Pose): Stand with your arms at your sides, and push shoulders back and down. With your arms at your sides, pretend like you are reaching for the floor. Put heels, big toe joints, and knees together. Engage muscles in the thighs, and balance weight of the body on both feet. Practice your breath with this pose, and be sure to clear your mind of any distractions!

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xoxoTori said...

Wow, I'm such a yoga fan too. I've actually taught myself (with the help of videos and books) yoga ! I'm so happy your back !